In the basement of the Tropical Hall in crypt-like surroundings, there is an aquarium with a collection of fish from around the world. Some of the tanks have been converted to house smaller African rodents and reptiles, and invertebrates such as Tarantulas and Giant Millipedes.

The fish collection is primarily fresh-water with an accent on fish from the African Rift Valley lakes. There are non-African favourites such as Piranhas, and Oscars.

We also have a number of species of Goodeids, a rare group of fish from Mexico, and we are members of the Goodeid Working Group helping to preserve these fish and their natural habitats. Tropiquaria currently houses more species of Goodeids than any other Zoo or Aquaria in the UK.

The Goodeid Working Group is a conservation group made of devoted private individuals and 11 public Institutions worldwide. Of which Tropiquaria is one.

For more details about the GWC, and the breeding programmes here at Tropiquaria please click on the links below.

Goodeid Breeding Programme at Tropiquaria

The companies below have assisted us in our fish conservation projects by donating fish food and equipment. Of which we are extremely grateful.